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As I said, don't believe all the doom and gloom!

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I've written a bit about the doom and gloom of the construction industry that the press, understandably, prefers to peddle. Good news doesn't sell so many papers as bad news - although, given the plummeting circulations of most newspapers, perhaps they should give it a try.  One that is doing just that is The Times, which, in today's edition, carries a prominent report on the state of the employment market.  This is obviously been done on the back of yesterday's employment figures, but the point I want to make is that the headline is a welcome antidote to those predicting dire times.  That's not to be complacent or suggest that there are not some specific problems unique to Scotland (the ending of the major infrastructure projects in particular), but it is to say that there is a lot of good news about construction out there.

More specifically, as you can see in the full report at this link, construction employment is booming,  Two industries are singled out as being the major contributors to this: construction, and accommodation/hospitality.  As The Times reports, "the recruitment spree appears to have been driven by resurgent levels of housebuilding and the government’s commitment to upgrade the nation’s infrastucture. Housebuilding has been recovering rapidly after several slow years that cost the industry a lot of migrant labour as contractors moved abroad in search of work. The problem has been so acute that developers have warned of recruitment bottlenecks. Civil engineers have also been taking on staff as they compete for state-funded road and rail projects."

As I said, let's not be complacent, but equally, let's not talk ourselves down.  We know, from the demand we have from our clients, that there are jobs aplenty out there!

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