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Crawling over snow drifts - all in a day's work!

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Name: Nicola Monro

Job title: Senior Manager

What other jobs have you done apart from being a recruiter?

  • Assistant Bar Manager (Bennets Bar), Edinburgh
  • Shop assistant in family business (
  • Call Centre worker at HSBC
  • Sales & Marketing at outdoor event company (
  • Credit Card Administrator: State Rail Authority NSW, Australia

What is the funniest thing you’ve seen at work (anywhere)?
I once had to crawl over a snow-drift to get to work when I was working for an outdoor events company. Our boss was in London at the time and he didn’t believe the snow was as bad as it was. He said we had to try to get to the office, regardless.  Two of us had to crawl out the window of the 4x4 and crawl over the 5ft snow drift for 200 metres to get to the office.  We looked ridiculous.

Why did you join Peace?
I’d worked with Chris Peace before and he’d approached me a couple of times about joining him. I felt the company had a better message to both clients and candidates than my current employers as we were coming out of the recession. It was a chance to be part of something new.

Favourite food and drink?
Love food in any form but my favourite dinner to cook is a decent chilli con carne. Favourite drink is either a bottle of beer or a G&T after a long day talking on the phone.

Favourite holiday?
I spent 7 weeks travelling around Mexico and I’d go back there in a heartbeat. From the tropical waters near Tulum to the “silver” city of Taxco, it’s amazing, especially away from the regular tourist spots.

Favourite sport/team or hobby?
Favourite sport to watch is Formula 1. Favourite hobby is reading

Where are the real challenges in the recruitment market just now?
The market is saturated with recruiters at the moment and a lot are selling the same position, so I find it can be a race to put a candidate forward, which is a shame because it encourages bad practice. 
Contractors’ margins are so tight still, so when they win a job and need extra team members they don’t necessarily have the time to train up a candidate from a slightly different market.  Candidates with “transferable skills” are not considered. Also, they can’t afford the more experienced people who can hit the ground running. So although there might be a lot of jobs out there, clients will hold out on interviewing until they find the “perfect fit”.

What one piece of advice would you give to candidates seeking to get a job today?
I can’t give them one piece of advice, I have to give a few!  Choose 1 or 2 agencies to represent you, maximum. Be truthful about what you really want, so your recruiter can find the best fit for you.  Meet your recruiter in person so they have the best chance of representing you properly. Make your CV clear and concise.  Don’t accept a counter offer (you will end up leaving anyway).

Favourite (non work) website and why?
Gumtree as I’m always looking for bargains on it. The searches are good on it.   Or the Daily Mash as it’s funny and good for a quick light reading at lunchtime. 





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