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FREE BEER Lots of optimistic entrants – and we have a winner!

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Firstly, a big thank-you to everyone who took part in our Free Beer for a Year competition over the last few weeks.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, it generated a lot of enthusiasm and interest in our Facebook and LinkedIn pages!

The good news (well, for one of you) is that we now have a winner. The other good news is that, if you remember, we asked everyone to tell us what they thought the prospects are for the Scottish Property and Construction Sector - and the results are extremely positive. 

Everyone was asked to say whether they thought that the sector would: a) shrink considerably, b) shrink a little, c) grow a little, or d) grow a lot. While acknowledging that this is not scientific/statistically robust, we were pleased to see that the vast majority of you share the optimism that’s currently coursing through the veins of Peace Recruitment. 

More specifically, only 8% said that construction and property would shrink a lot, no-one said it would shrink only a little, 29% said it would grow a little and, obviously, the remainder, some 63%, said it would grow a lot. It’s great to see that optimism and let’s hope you’re all right (we think you are).

Now for our winner… 

As promised, the draw was made by an independent third party, outside our office (about 60 miles outside to be precise).  We had lots of people on both Facebook and LinkedIn who entered and the winner came from the latter. And, pause for a small fanfare, she is….

Hannah Greenwell, a Project Manager, currently at Maryhill Housing Association but soon to join the team at Gleeds in Glasgow.  Incidentally, for what it’s worth, Hannah voted ‘C’ – grow a little – for the sector next year. I bet her new employer hopes the answer turns out to be 'D' - I guess time will tell.  

Chris Peace, MD, Peace Recruitment

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