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Fewer candidates + more jobs = higher pay. The December Markit report.

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The latest Markit survey, for December 2017, shows that perm recruitment across all categories grew in December, but at a slightly slower rate than for many months.  This also applied to temp recruitment of contractors, with the figures showing the weakest growth (but still growth) since February.  However, let's just remind ourselves that this was December; hardly the time when recruitment is going at full tilt.  Consequently, I'm pretty sanguine about this because we're still seeing growth and we're also still seeing the trends that we saw throughout last year, namely diminishing candidate availability and, more positively, growing (upward) pay pressures. The latter are, unsuprisingly, a result of the aforementioned lack of candidates combined with increasing demand from clients for jobs to be filled - i.e. for those of you who did Higher Economics, reduced supply plus increased demand = higher prices (pay).   One other particularly significant feature of the Markit survey was that what they refer to as "blue collar" recruitment (which includes our Trades Division) was the second best performing sector in contractor recruitment, after IT & Computing.  That's not news to us as we've had lots of Trades vacancies in the last few months.

Here in our rather ace new office in Haymarket, we're getting back into the swing of things.  As usual, there was the backlog of emails from the Christmas period to catch up on (all done now!) but there is a definite positive energy with the new office and our new people and we're looking forward to another successful year.

Chris Peace, MD, Peace Recruitment

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