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Every Day is a School Day in Architecture Recruitment

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The recent publishing of the Scottish exam results has got me thinking about how I felt this day 11 years ago when I received that brown envelope in the post. Having gone to a school where they prided themselves on being at the top of the league table every year, it had been drummed into me from an early age that you must do well in exams or life, as you know it, is over. To say I was nervous was an understatement. There was only one subject I knew I was never going to get a good grade in: art. Having battled with my art teacher for years and my best work being on par with a stick-man it’s safe to say that it wasn’t my forte. 

Had you said to me at that point that I would end up working in any profession where I was working with artistic people or anything design focused, honestly, I would have laughed at you. However, sitting in the seat I am today, I can confidently say that I have landed in a company and role that I love and am truly passionate about. 

Being the dedicated Architecture Consultant at Peace Recruitment has proved both challenging and extremely rewarding. I count myself lucky that when I walked in the door Peace already had an exceptional reputation in the design sector and a wealth of clients who relied on us to help them with their staffing solutions. I was instantly caught up in the buzz of the office and Day One involved getting stuck into the live vacancies which were sitting on our system ready for me!

I think it would be fair to say that the first few weeks involved a lot of words and terminologies which I could not even begin to understand: Revit vs ArchiCAD, elevations, RIBA stages, Part 1, 2 and 3 – I could go on and on (shout out to Chris, my colleagues and all the clients who put up with a million questions in that time). Since that point, I have watched Architecture at Peace grow from strength to strength. We work with a number of the most successful practices in Scotland and equally represent multiple, extremely talented architects, technicians, assistants and design managers on a daily basis. 

As a whole the industry is extremely buoyant at the moment.  Every time I pick up the phone there seem to be new opportunities on offer, new candidates looking for a move and new things for me to learn about how to be the best I can be. There are so many exciting projects happening in central Scotland at the moment, especially across sectors such as student housing, hotels and residential, and we are lucky to be working alongside numerous practices who are designing these buildings and at the forefront of the current market. Of course, there have been setbacks along the way, but I find that, in general, the market has taken a real turnaround from the days of the recession and seems to be on its way back up. 

As predicted, when I looked at my exam results – holed up in my bedroom so that if I failed I wouldn’t have to find out in front of my whole family – I did not receive the best grade in art. However, sitting where I am today – surrounded by successful people and learning every day from my colleagues, managers, candidates and clients, I feel that I have found a niche which suits my personal skills. Even better – it doesn’t require any artistic talent on my part…

Sarah Hobson, Peace Recruitment

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