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Eye drops, Superman, shrunken pants and a boat in Vilamoura

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As you have probably already guessed, with a headline like that, this blog is an interview with another new member of the rapidly growing Peace team.  TRIGGER WARNING - it contains mentions of unmentionables encased in a shrunken pair of undergarments, which the owner of said undergarments was wearing as part of a Superman outfit.  If that's not an incentive to read on I don't know what is...

Name: Fraser Cameron

Job title: Senior Consultant – Civil & Structural Engineering

Biggest influence on your career to date?
My first Director in recruitment in London. He instilled the importance of structure and qualified work ethic to be successful.

Funniest thing you’ve seen at work (anywhere)?
Dropping eye drop fluid into a colleague’s coffee, then watching him run to the toilet for the rest of the afternoon. That’s what happens if you insist on ripping me for being Scottish.

Biggest disaster anywhere at work? 
When I worked at a previous recruitment company, I took part in the Macmillan Cancer golf fundraiser. This involved four rounds of golf in one day to raise funds and awareness. We took it upon ourselves to wear fancy dress and I, foolishly, wore a Superman costume – you know, the one with the underpants on the outside... Everything was going well until the rain came and we got soaked on one of our rounds. Well, all I can say is that my outfit shrank a bit and left little to the imagination in the nether regions. Needless to say, my ‘friends’ rushed to take photographs and subsequent conversations were less about our achievement and more about my embarrassment! 

Best toy you had as a child?
I received a set of junior golf clubs as a young child. Once I realized they weren’t for hitting my sister with, they proved a huge influence on me and my golf career.

If you won the Lottery, what’s the first thing you’d buy?
An apartment and a boat in Vilamoura (where I go golfing each year.)

Why did you join Peace?
I have known about Chris for several years in the industry and a former colleague of mine; Lewis Potter spoke very highly of the training, structure and the culture within the office. Lewis has also made a significant move forward in his career since joining.

What were your first impressions of the company?
Excellent company. The culture and atmosphere within the office is brilliant. As well as housing some of the best consultants within the industry. (Good crawling - Ed)

Who in the Peace office makes you laugh, and why?
Joey always seems to pop up with a random story which inevitably turns out to be double funny.

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