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Love and Besos, Cremated Toast and, erm, Lavatory Seats

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Well, where do we start with our new resourcer?  The kick-boxing brother?  The old lady and the loo seat? The toast that caused an evacuation?  Oh, just enjoy this... meet Rebecca. 

Name:  Rebecca Wilson

Job title: Resourcer in House Building 

Biggest influence on your career to date?
Would have to say my two (much) older brothers, they are polar opposites and went down very different paths with one going to university and now living in London and the other going from being a successful cage fighter to starting up his own business here in Edinburgh.  They instilled a great work ethic in me from a young age and taught me if you train and work hard you can achieve anything: we are very much a work hard play hard family. 

Funniest thing you’ve seen at work (anywhere)?
I had a short stint with Bathstore (other bathroom companies are available - Ed) and an elderly, foreign woman brought in her very old (and very used) toilet seat in order for us to understand what she wanted to replace.  What’s even worse is that due to carrying her shopping she had hung it around her neck (gross but funny). 

Biggest disaster anywhere at work? 
When working in Waverley Mall I caused the whole place to be evacuated from my cremating a slice of toast while on my  lunch break…whoops.  

Best toy you had as a child?
Disney Princess dress up box – allowed me to be my true self. 

If you won the Lottery, what’s the first thing you’d buy?
Easy. A flight back to Ibiza (first-class of course).  Ed's note, do they do first-class to Ibiza?

Why did you join Peace?
I’d been eager to get into recruitment for a while. An ex-college spoke very highly of the training, structure and culture within the office and through research Peace stuck out a mile with its specialist service over sales and differential approach to recruitment. 

What were your first impressions of the company?
When I came in for my first interview the office was buzzing, everyone was busy but all having banter at the same time – I instantly got a good vibe that it would be fab environment to work in. 

Who in the Peace office makes you laugh, and why?
Besos (Chris’s dog). Because dogs are better than humans, simple. 

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