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Construction contractors league tables are like football league tables!

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It's always interesting to dip into the Contractors’ League tables, produced by Glenigan and published by Construction News.  Last time we had a look at these, we noted that only four (Galliford Try, Morgan Sindall, Keir and Vinci) were in both the monthly and year-to-date tables. We also noted that over the course of the full year we’d expect the big players to come to the fore...

The most recent tables, from August, show that once again only four (Kier, Morgan Sindall, Lendlease and Wilmott Dixon) of the top ten firms (see top table), ranked by the value of their deals that month, appear in the year-to-date table (see bottom table).  This is the kind of information that is very useful for those thinking about a career move.

August and year to date construction contractors tables.

For anyone involved in the construction industry, these tables are a bit like the football league tables so many of us avidly devour each weekend (unless your team is currently bottom of the table!*.  Even in isolation, they are of interest, but, again like football fans, we constantly seek the comment and opinion of others, which can normally be found in the reputable trade journals and the business pages of the mainstream press.  Over time, these tables, plus anecdotal and industry opinion, help to form our own opinions and thoughts as to which firm might be best for our careers. Careful perusal of the companies in the top ten of the year-to-date list shows that some have a far wider portfolio of wins of lower average value (Morgan Sindall being an obvious case in point in the tables above), which may make you more or less interested in a career with that company. Conversely, Mace is third in that year-to-date table, but with only 22 contracts (with high average value), which again may colour your thinking if you are pondering a move.  However, even the montly snapshots provide useful information as to which firm has won sizeable contract work - which can (for example in the case of Lendlease) propel them into the top ten, year-to-date table.  All in all, we think this is very useful for all candidates currently seeking a move and also for those considering their options further down the line.

Chris Peace, MD, Peace Recruitment

* my team is top!

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