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Housebuilding may have stopped but it won’t go away

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Unless you’ve just returned from Mars (in which case I hope you have quarantined yourself for 14 days), you’ll know that the housebuilding industry has taken a bit of a nosedive. 

I’ve been specialising in this sector for many years, so it’s obviously affecting me, but, and it’s a big and important but, there are still a few jobs out there needing filled and, equally importantly, when the market comes back, which it will, it will be those who have maintained their ‘brand’ and presence in the market who will be first in line for the pick of the new roles.

Let’s be honest.  If you are a site manager, assistant site manager or contract manager in private or social new build, you know that some really talented people (who don’t deserve to) will lose their jobs*. Some of your friends may have done so already.  

In these circumstances, though it’s hard, a bit of positivity is really important. When there is not much work, it’s a great chance to brush up your CV, register with a recruiter (I can recommend one!) and keep the faith.

Even if you simply want a chat to keep your spirits up, I’m happy to talk. You may already be registered with Peace, but keep in touch. In particular, take this opportunity to discuss with me how best to work over your CV.  Amongst the things you need to consider are where (location and type of company) you want to work, what your salary expectations are and what you want from an employer going forward.  By getting these ducks in a line, when the market does return, hopefully in the summer, you’ll be the first to be put forward for the jobs that will then flood back as construction resumes.  And be in no doubt that it will. As soon as it’s safe, the government is going to want to see all industries, but especially ‘visible’ ones that serve an important social purpose, like housebuilding, roar back into life. Make sure you are part of that roar. 

Linsey Toland, Peace Recruitment

* Yes, this applies to recruitment as much as to construction, but Peace, fortunately, has entered this downturn in a very strong financial position and we know we’ll be here when the all-clear sounds.

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