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Maintaining your profile in a recession

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Building sites across the country are closed or closing. The current economic situation is not pretty and the worst is yet to come with the peak of the coronavirus expected over the next few weeks or months. Although construction has taken a major hit, many others businesses will continue, even if it’s on a reduced scale. Hopefully, we only have three or four months of this and with government, thankfully, doing what it can to shore up firms and their employees in the meantime we shall come through this crisis.  Peace Recruitment is in a reasonably good place financially as we have just had a decent year so I am extremely confident that we can hit the ground running when the market returns.  


Although this is going to be a recession like none other any of us have experienced, there are a number of things that individuals and companies can do to ensure that when the all-clear sounds they are well positioned to power ahead.  This is what you need to think about doing... 


  1. Be seen to be seen.  This is particularly important if you have been made redundant or are struggling as a self-employed contractor between jobs.


  1. Use the extra time many of us have now we’re working at home or furloughed to update all your social profiles.  LinkedIn is the most important, but don’t neglect the others.  Think about changing the photo, on your bio, especially if it’s one taken on the beach in Palma Nueva.


  1. If you have the ability to do so, write some short blogs and/or articles or posts on LinkedIn on your experience in the industry in general and how you are using it to keep going despite it all.  If you haven’t a lot of experience because you have not been working for very many years, explain how your transferrable skills are helping you adapt and cope.


  1. If you are not confident about writing, make sure you comment on LinkedIn. 


  1. Seek new, useful contacts on LinkedIn. When the market comes back, as it will, this is where recruiters will find you.


  1. We live in strange times and, if you think about it, this might even be a good time to get in touch with a few recruiters.  Make it clear that you are not looking just now (unless you genuinely are) but that you simply want to keep in touch.  After you’ve had a few conversations, you’ll know the ones you want to work with in the future.


  1. When the market does come back and the government reins back on the support it is giving, no-one really knows what’s going to happen, but the general opinion is that everything will take off again rapidly, so make sure you’re well positioned for that to happen!


Chris Peace, MD, Peace Recruitment

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