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A great idea to get sites working again – developed in only three weeks!

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I’ve written a number of blogs recently on the subject of robots and construction and specifically the likelihood that the coronavirus crisis will accelerate their use (which will be published over the next week or so). Right on cue, I read in the business pages at the weekend that Bovis, one of the country’s largest housebuilders is to start to trial technology that could enable its staff and contractors to maintain the correct social distancing protocols while on site. 

Although Bovis’s CEO acknowledges that construction has stopped just now, prototypes of this kit, which has been developed in only three weeks by Blyth-based manufacturer Tharsus, are expected to be manufactured this week.  

Apparently, this will work by a GPS Bluetooth system, which monitors if people are two metres are apart and if not a flashing light system or vibrations will alert them to move away. While it can’t be used until the government allows construction to resume, it seems to me that this might be one way of slowly reintroducing the industry back towards normality. Moreover, it has the potential to be used in other industries too, so, if this can be made to work then let’s hear more about it as soon as possible!

Chris Peace, MD, Peace Recruitment 

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