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The robot that can build a house in 60 seconds

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With construction in Scotland practically ground to a halt, other than some NHS projects and other “critical” sites, everyone involved in the industry will be a) worrying about the impact on their business/livelihood and b) thinking very hard about what to do when the market comes back – as we hope and expect it will.

What we don’t know is when we’ll be back to “normal” or whether a new normal will evolve that consists of temporary lockdown in some areas with others getting back to work while we see if the virus returns in the autumn.  We also don’t know the extent to which the new normal will replicate the world before the pandemic. One thing we must do is learn from countries like Spain, which have slowly reintroduced construction.

One thing I am pretty certain of is that construction bosses will be mulling over the ways in which they can increase their use of robots.  The express building of the new hospitals across the country obviously put humans in close proximity, increasing their chances of getting the virus.  So, robots would make a lot of sense…*

A lot of impressive kit has been developed over the last ten years.  Let's take four at random (some of which go back several years, showing this is not all new tech)….

Hot-wire cutting creates complex concrete moulds far more quickly than humans ever could.

Tying more than 24,000 rebar intersections at a rate of 5.5 seconds each.

Watch a robot build a house in 60 seconds!

And if you’re needing something welded, this machine isn’t scared of sparks.

Stay tuned for some more randomly cool robots later this week!  

Chris Peace, MD, Peace Recruitment

*yes, I know that they cost a lot of money.  I’ll be looking at just how much in a blog soon.

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