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Thousands want to change jobs – Zombie Workers to go - £M for construction - and a roller-coaster jobs market

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The Office for National Statistics (ONS), which compiles weekly data on the social impacts of Covid-19 on Great Britain, has just reported on a study of the aspects of lockdown life that make people unhappy.  The results suggest that “big life changes…are being planned by 28% of adults, with 42% of those saying they want to change their work.  

Now, whether that last group simply wants to adopt more flexible working or, more specifically change their job (perhaps to a different one that offers flexible/WFH?), I don’t know, but I wonder if this means there may be opportunities here for more savvy employers – and indeed the more switched-on candidates who are seeking new opportunities. 

Interestingly, another article I read recently suggested that there may be a day of reckoning coming for those referred to as “Zombie Workers” – in that they do jobs that are superficial and, at the end of the day, unproductive.  Middle managers in particular who cannot demonstrate that they actually add value to their company, as well as those in nebulous jobs with waffly job titles, may be especially vulnerable.  Business and industry are going to want the very best people to lead/work their way out of the humungous recession that is enveloping the economy at the moment. 

Add in the UK government’s reported intention to invest heavily in re-training and the Scottish government promising millions for construction, there are going to be an interesting, not to mention roller-coaster, six months  to the end of the year for recruiters and employers.  If you are unsure of your future, want to discuss a career change or simply are interested in finding out whether you have transferrable skills that will benefit a sector – construction/property - that is going to be crucial in our escape from recession, give us a call.

Chris Peace, MD, Peace Recruitment

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