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Never forget customer service

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With thousands of businesses the length and breadth of the country looking into the future and not liking what they see, what are the key things they can do that will make a difference? Having thought about that, I wrote last week of five actions that I believe construction firms should take if they want to survive and prosper.  However, a few days after that article had been published a got a call from a client….

You’ve forgotten something,” he said. “What?” I asked.  “It’s one of the things that I know you are really passionate about,” he replied, “and I know it’s one of the things that separates your recruitment business from the vast majority, it’s…”

At this point, the penny dropped and we both said, “customer service!” in unison. How did I forget?  It is indeed one of the values that I believe distinguishes Peace Recruitment: we are the only recruitment agency in the UK that belongs to the UK Institute of Customer Service.  And at a time when everyone is striving to differentiate themselves, it’s the ace in the pack, the kingmaker in the court and the winning goal in every match you contest.

With furlough and the inevitable degree of detachment that comes with it, I suspect it’s been hard for most firms to think about customer service.  Understandably, their preoccupation has been with preserving jobs and income.  However, whether you are a recruiter, a QS, a site manager or a self-employed tradesman, now, more than ever is when great customer service makes a difference.  There are already thousands unemployed and it’s going to get worse. If you’re working and you don’t treat your customers like gold-dust, they are not going to have to look far for someone who does.

I’ve tied a knot in my hanky and I’m thinking of getting “customer service” tattooed somewhere I can’t miss it (not there!) and, as Peace is slowly coming back to life it’s going to put at the heart and soul of what we do – again. And I say this in all seriousness to all our clients and candidates: if you ever feel we have underperformed on any aspect of our service, tell me and I’ll sort it.  I promise I won’t forget!

Chris Peace, MD, Peace Recruitment

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