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The latest recruitment Markit report: perm down, temp up

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In amongst the gloom-mongering that characterises much of the country’s media, we get a monthly dose of objectivity from the RBS/Markit report into the previous month’s recruitment activity.  And although things had been improving in many areas, at least compared to the crash in March/April, it’s only fair to say that the latest figures reflect the “tierful” state of the economy.  However, let’s try and accentuate the positives, because there are some.

Overall, demand from the temp/contractor side is up, while the perm market has softened. As a result, wage pressures are loosening in the perm field but growing slightly in the contractor markets, reflected in the first rise in temp salaries since March. 

The table below shows the state of the perm and contractor markets by sector.  You can see that those areas of the economy that are struggling (hotel & catering, secretarial, etc.) drag the average down, but as far as we are concerned at Peace, the figures reflect by and large what we are seeing on the ground in construction. 

Sep Markit figures

There are jobs, and there are candidates, but it’s not hard to see the attraction of contractors/temps to employers in the current circumstances and as a consequence it’s no surprise to see that in engineering and construction there is actually growth in that market.  In contrast, although a perusal of our jobs pages will demonstrate that there are good perm jobs available, the perm market is tightening a bit. Obviously, there are a lot of redundancies in construction just now, so there are more candidates coming on to the market, but if you are one of them then get in touch and we’ll do our level best to help you, whether in a contract or pem role.  As I said, there are jobs and to maximise your chance of finding one you need well-connected recruitment advisers (we can recommend one!).

Chris Peace,  MD, Peace Recruitment

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