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The jobs market: lessons from December?

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Let’s cut to the chase.  The Markit figures for December, telling us the state of the recruitment market in that – and preceding – months are, by and large irrelevant now. December is a quiet month generally in recruitment and, moreover, the surge in Coronavirus cases and the post-Christmas lockdown, which looks like it’s going to be tightened even further, mean that the normal January surge in the jobs market (new year, new career and all that) is unlikely to be replicated this year.  However, that’s not to say we can’t glean anything from the RBS/Markit report for last month.

While we need to acknowledge that there is a lot of hidden unemployment due to the furlough schemes (we’re seeing more good candidates coming to us, of which more below), the Markit figures do show that the temp market is growing in every sector apart from Exec level jobs and (unsurprisingly) hotel and catering.  The perm market, on the other hand, is only growing in a few areas, but the rate of decline slowed last month.  

In our field, at present outdoor construction is continuing in Scotland although, regrettably, the First Minister has been making warning noises.  Our take on the current situation, based on our reading of the overall trends shown by the Markit survey and what we’re observing here on the ground at Peace, is that there will continue to be growth in temp jobs, but that the perm market will continue to be sticky.  That means that if you’re looking for a job you need to seek out someone who has a lot of jobs available.  As we have noted recently, Peace consistently has more advertised construction jobs than most (if not all?) other recruiters.  As a result, we also have a wide range of talented candidates, with more signing up every week.  So if you are looking for a career change, or do need to recruit (and many companies do), give us a call.

Chris Peace, MD, Peace Recruitment 

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