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More jobs - now we’re cooking!

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The RBS/Markit report for last month confirms what we’re seeing on the ground at Peace (and remember that we’re one of the firms whose data are used in compiling the Markit reports).  Things are improving, markitely (sorry)!

The headlines for the jobs market as a whole are summed up in the report’s three main headlines: 

  • Permanent appointments rise at rate since late 2018
  • Fastest upturn in temp billings for over two year
  • Demand for staff increases rapidly as companies step up hiring

When we drill down into the recruitment of construction/engineering workers, the picture is of a massive hike in the index: from 55.2 in February to 64.0 in March, while in the contractor market the equivalent figures are 55.5 and 63.7 (anything over 50 indicates growth).  All of which reflects the fact that the jobs market is returning to normal (even hotel and catering is back in growth), but this comes with a warning.  If you’ve not yet read them, our series of blogs on the global research project carried out by Microsoft (the last of which will appear here on our website at lunchtime) shows that one of the reasons why firms are recruiting heavily is because people are leaving (and going to carry on leaving as we all readjust to getting back into the office/staying at home/flexible working.  However, while it’s important to be aware of this, let’s now lose sight of the fact that in the employment market things are MUCH better than they have been for over a year.  

Chris Peace, MD, Peace Recruitment 

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