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Learning from failure

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Then there was this Irishman I knew who became a very good golfer, having started his sporting life as a caddy on the circuit.  “I suppose you picked up a lot of tips from the good players?” I asked him once.  “Jeez no,” he replied, “it was the rubbish ones that I learned from: I just watched what they did, realised why they failed … and then did the opposite.”

Failure is important.  From my own, personal, at times painful, experience, I know that I’ve failed more often than I’d care to admit. However, I’ve (usually) learned from my mistakes. Like mental health, failure is an issue we don’t really want to admit to or confront.  Yet like mental health issues, it’s very common and nothing to be ashamed of, so the next time you cock something up, miss a call, forget a report or otherwise just get something plain wrong, don’t hide from the consequences but use them to make your career more successful and more enjoyable in the long-run.  

Chris Peace, MD, Peace Recruitment

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