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Here today, gone tomorrow. Why your values matter when you hire.

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Picking up on last week's theme of failure, I often find myself musing on the mistakes I’ve made with a few the people I’ve hired (they might think the same about me!). While I know I have made some wrong decisions, I’ve also tried as hard as possible to treat everyone fairly and not give up on anyone too easily or quickly.  

Unfortunately, too many recruiters simply want sales people to hit targets in any way they can and, as a result, are not prepared to invest enough time and effort to imbue new starts with the necessary professionalism that, I believe, underpins every genuinely successful recruitment business. 

This culture of hiring and firing manifests itself in some recruitment firms taking on anyone with a sales background and then booting them out of the door the moment they don’t make their target.  As a result, there are lots of very average “recruiters” on the job market, most of whom simply don’t meet the standards required at the top of the industry but who meander round a number of agencies, failing from one to the next until they give up on the industry or it gives up on them. That’s not ethical recruitment: that’s a collective failure on the part of too much of the recruitment industry.

Recruiting recruiters is about finding and hiring people who share your values and ethics and then deploy those same values and ethics in their dealings with their/your customers. By ethics, I don’t mean diversity, equality and inclusion, important though they are (of which more later this week). Crucially, it’s about your attitude as an employer and your long-term commitment to everyone you employ – and how that commitment is revealed, daily, to your customers. It’s about not wasting money by churning through so many people that your customers start to question why they do business with you.  After all, if you can’t recruit for yourself, why should your customers expect you to be able to recruit for them…?

Chris Peace, MD, Peace Recruitment

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