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The five “must haves” to impress a future employer.

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Okay, so you have decided to “dip your toe” in the job market. You are confident that surely there are lots of organisations out there that would value the skills and experience you bring to the table, but what is your future employer REALLY looking for in their next team member??

Clients are always looking for the 10/10 candidate. Here at Peace Recruitment we have compiled a list of the 5 “must haves” that clients have told us YOU need to have in order to impress them.



Even with value being increasingly credited to ‘soft skill sets’, technical skills will always be number one, due to the industry we are in. This will be the main skillset you will be assessed on.

Peace Recruitment Advice: Pay close attention to the finer technical details of your CV and mirror the words on your CV with those used by the client on the job spec.


Your previous work history can reveal a lot about you, and any future employer will be delving deep in to your past. If you have job hopped, this is the biggest turn off for any potential employer.

I bet you are thinking “but I have good reasons for moving jobs so often” (everybody says that by the way). No matter reasons you have for moving jobs, the interviewer will always assume the worst, its human nature. Were you simply not good at your job and jumped before you were pushed? Are you a quitter? Do you get bored easily? Is the grass always greener? You were made redundant???...oh that’s ok then……..oh wait, the company are still around and you were made redundant in the first cull. Were you not valued as an employee?

Peace Recruitment Advice: Be honest. If you have been a “jumper” then broach the subject head on in interview. Plus consider putting “reason for leaving” on your CV.


Flexibility to consider being trained on new software, on office location, where your projects are based, your job title, working 50 hours a week compared to your current 40 hours, the list goes on. Ultimately, if you really want the job, how flexible will you be to ensure you get the job offer?

For example the pay scale for the job you have applied for is 35k-45k. You are on 38k, would you be flexible enough to take a drop in pay? You might have to be. As most clients (especially public sector) want to start you on the bottom of the pay scale or, at best, match your current package. Money is usually the main sticking point in most negotiations.

Peace Recruitment Advice: Before going for interview, know what your variables and non-negotiables are, plus what your “walk away point” is.


You want that new job– make sure you show it!

Demonstrating the enthusiasm in your career by being open and expressing the desire to learn new skills can go a long way towards getting hired. A willingness to learn and develop is something that all our clients mentioned.

Peace Recruitment Advice: Follow up on your applications with a (positive and enthusiastic) phone call to the hiring manager. Think about your body language in the interview and frame your communication style in a way that they are left really wanting to work with you too.


A list of skills is not what a client wants.

Clients want to know how YOUR skills will be of use to THEIR Company and how you will adapt these skills to mould into their business. Basically what are you bringing to the party?

Peace Recruitment Advice: What are you really good at? Emphasise these skills on your CV and during the interview. Ask the interviewer what they are looking for in the person they want to hire….then ensure you respond by saying “let me give you some examples where I have demonstrated this”

Do you want to be a 10/10 candidate? Of course you do. For more advice or to speak with one of our dedicated expert consultants contact Peace Recruitment directly on 0131 510 4004. Alternatively connect with us on our social media networks-

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